celebrations of family/ family day

Well on family day we dont relly do enything. my mom works and I help her  with it washing boats and stuff. then my grampa come’s and I go with him and well go all over geting boat’s. most of the day is a wast but it’s fun and if im lucky he some time’s let me drive around the farm. that is my family day .

Migration On People

My family has always lived in the same place for a while. I don’t  think my family would like living on the other side of the world that much. They wouldn’t like it cause its’s not norma and all the cars are smaller and everyone speaks a different language.

What we do for Remeberance Day.

For Remeberance Day at school we have an assembly that two of our teachers put together and we watch some videos of the war from youtube and the students and teachers bring what they have gotten from their older realitives from the war and has been pasted down to our school for everyone to see. Carter’s grandpa brought fake gernades. The grade 6,7 and 8 stundents do poems and we did a french poem as well.



Earth Day

For Earth Day we picked up sticks and garbage around our school and baseball diamond across the street. We planted a tree on the school property out back. We had a litterless lunch so we had no garbage in our lunch for one day. All of the school perticipated in all of the events. We  have spirit teams and  we were plit up to where we were picking up garabage.

internet safty

internet safty is importint for all people . children and adults can all be victoms in defferent ways.

to keep save on the internet  all people should remember that the info thay post is visable to the world and is there forever. private or personal info and especially adresses and phone numbers should never be shared on line. Kids should always discuss strange contacts or weird emails to thier parents, if we don’t know who we are talking to for sure, we could be talking to ANYONE!